Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Year of Reinvention

"They" say the 2nd year after losing a loved one, especially a child, is the hardest.  I simply can't imagine that.  The first year almost put me in the grave alongside my child.

I dreaded the 1st anniversary of her death.  Some said I should just stay in bed and cry. I chose to rise up and live and celebrate her life.  So on April 2nd, 2017, with the help of dear friends and family by my side, we planted flowers in her garden, cooked her favorite foods and toasted my girl with love and stories of her beautiful life.

April 3rd, I woke up and asked myself how in the world will I survive another year without the love of my life. The sense of lost self settled in even deeper and questions of what the hell am I supposed to do now continually swirled in my heart and head. Who am I?  I find myself questioning everything;  my passions, my job, my relationships and my goals on this journey of loss and grief.
I was drowning in my job and overwhelmed by life.

Fortunately, I am blessed with many dear friends that have given me the strength to keep going and finally launch my own business, Terri Boyd Designs, LLC.  What will I be doing you ask?  Well let's look back at what I've done and see where this new journey will take me.

I'm a painter, an art lover, and former banjo, mandolin, clarinet and flute player.   I've worked as a travel agent, secretary, bartender, waitress, dental assistant,  dental lab manager, hotelier, caterer, glass sand blaster, art director, color consultant, commercial paint manager, graphic designer, sales person, event planner, event designer, event venue manager, pilates instructor, home organizer, home stager and a mom.  I even wanted to try out for the Ice Capades at age 18. Jack of all trades, master of a few.  Where shall I go from here?

Perhaps I'll become a paintbrush slinging, dog portrait painting, tray swirling, traveling event planner, with a banjo and pilates matt strapped to my back, a sketchbook tucked under my arm, paint color swatches shoved in my pocket, a linen book and my MacBook tossed in my bag, while I stage your home and hotel rooms with the perfect colors, plan your party with the perfect details,  all while flashing you a smile with my brilliant, sparkling, pearly whites.

The possibilities are endless, the challenge is titillating, this new path has put a pep in my step and a renewed outlook on discovering happiness and Terri Boyd once again.  I am grateful for this opportunity.

The thought alone brings me joy and a smile.

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  1. Now that's a winning attitude! Love you! And love the drawing.